Top 5 Cooling Systems We Recommend To Our Customers

No one ever likes being too cold or too hot, and Melbourne’s everchanging weather can be very frustrating to keep up with. This is why having an efficient heating and cooling system in your home is essential to provide your family with comfort throughout the year. However, not all domestic air conditioners are created equal. Like with any type of product, some brands are more reliable and simply all around better than others.

Everlasting Air has many years of experience in the air conditioning industry, therefore we know all the ins and outs of different heating and cooling systems. We do not want you to waste your money on inferior machines that no self-respecting air conditioning provider would sell. The below are renowned companies that offer the best heating and cooling systems. You are sure to feel comfortable using the domestic air conditioners that the following brands design.

1. Mitsubishi Electric

Although Mitsubishi are mostly known for being one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, they are also ahead of the game with designing top quality heating and cooling systems. Mitsubishi’s range of air conditioners have been built to handle the effects of the harsh Australian climate, and this will most certainly be needed for people living in Melbourne. Everlasting Air are part of the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealers network, meaning we proudly stock both the standard Classic version and the premium Inverter option.

2. LG

LG are one of the world’s leading electronics companies, and their advertisements often imply that the initials LG stand for Life’s Good. Life will certainly be good with one of their top quality heating and cooling systems in your house. Many LG units come with Wi-Fi Smart Control; the innovative LG Smart AC app for mobile phones allows you access and control of your air conditioning system via your smartphone, regardless of where you are. This means you can set your house’s temperature up from afar so it will be perfect by the time you arrive home. You can also control your energy consumption with LG’s Active Energy Control, enabling you to cap the energy consumption, improving energy efficiency at a reducing cooling output.

3. Breezair

As their name suggests, Breezair is dedicated to providing the best air conditioning experience possible. With a history spanning over 40 years and supplying over 120 countries, Breezair builds innovative designs that are built for minimal water consumption and a drain and clean function. Everlasting Air has been selling this brand to our clients for many years, as we believe Breezair really do provide great comfort.

4. Toshiba

Combining both functionality and design, Toshiba delivers heating and cooling systems that provide users with full climate control. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, Toshiba brand domestic air conditioners are available in Single Split, Multi-Split, and Inverted Ducted Systems.

5. Bonaire

Bonaire has been developing and manufacturing climate control solutions for over 60 years. Bonaire’s heating and cooling systems are designed to fit modern lifestyles, fusing intelligent technology with user-friendly efficiency, while also optimising energy efficiency and reducing operating costs at the same time.

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