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Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioner

We have become reliant on our climate control systems in our homes. There has been an increase in the number of hot days in summer. If you are living in Werribee or the area in Melbourne’s south-west you would have felt the heat of the sun last summer. And we have become accustomed to being able to enjoy cool air on those hot days. We like being able to adjust the temperature in our homes so that we can enjoy our leisure time. But at the same time, we do not want to waste money on this. Finding a system that functions not only consistently, but also efficiently, has become more important. If you are considering air con installation, Werribee has access to a skilled and experienced installer who will provide relevant and practical advice.

Modern systems tend to be much more efficient than older systems, but they involve an investment and you want to be confident that the investment is going to be worthwhile. There are plenty of other things that we can spend our money on, so it is important to make an assessment of whether choosing a new system is the right choice. And if you have a system that needs repairs, then you need to look at how much this will cost. If you need air conditioning repairs, Werribee has a reputable service company that has been servicing clients across the region, with a proven track record in providing affordable repairs.

There might be a number of signs that it might be time for you to think about the replacement of your air conditioner. We have listed a few details below to help you with identifying them.

Increased Electricity Costs

If you have noticed that your electricity bills have been increasing then you might be thinking about finding a more efficient alternative. There have been regular increases in the price of electricity supplies that has caused bills to keep on going up. There have been more hot days that have caused an increase in the use of our air conditioning units. And perhaps we may have become more accustomed to just switching on the air conditioner as part of our normal lives. All of these factors will lead to an increase in your electricity bills as a result of higher usage. But there might be another issue as well.

Decreased Efficiency

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Your cooling system may not be functioning as well as it should be. As these systems age, they can become less efficient. This means that they need to work for longer and harder to be able to achieve the cooling outcome that you are used to. In addition, an older system may have been installed when temperatures were cooler.

As a result of global climate change, the average temperature is increasing. Your home may not have been built to deal with these higher temperatures and your air conditioning system may not have been designed to work in these higher temperatures. This means that it will struggle to produce sufficient cooling power on those very hot days.

If you notice that your electricity bills are going up without there being an increase in prices, then something is using more electricity and it could be your air conditioning unit. If you notice that the compressor seems to be running for longer periods than it used to then it is likely that the efficiency of your system has dropped.

Rather than just looking to replace your system, it might be worth considering if there are other factors that are currently impacting on your property which affect the way that your air conditioning system is able to operate. It is important to consider all of these elements before making a decision to replace your system. It could be that you purchase a new system that still is not able to operate efficiently because of other problems with your property. There are other ways to help keep your house cooler.

Window Protection

You can install heavy blackout curtains that are able to reduce the ability of heat to enter your home. You can put blinds over windows that are impacted by direct sunlight. These will place the windows in shadow and make a substantial reduction in the amount of heat that can transfer through the glass. You can also use reflective and protective adhesive films on your windows that can reduce the amount of solar energy that can pass through the glass. They also block ultraviolet light to prevent fading and reduce the amount of glare.

Insulation in Your House

Have you checked to make sure that your house is properly insulated? It seems a bit of a waste if you are sending large amounts of money to cool your home and a lot of that coolness is leaking out from your home, or heat is easily able to get in through the roof or walls. This can make a massive difference in the amount of work that your air conditioning system needs to do.

Installing new insulation in your roof space or even considering having a contractor blow insulating materials into wall spaces can make a massive difference to the capacity of your home to keep the heat outside. It will also make a major difference during the winter months. If you have proper insulation the load on your system is reduced and your older system may be able to continue to operate effectively.

Efficient Ducts and Conduits

Other considerations will be if the ductwork has been maintained and kept clean. Sometimes conduits and ducts have been damaged over time which can also reduce their effectiveness. If you notice that your system is not operating effectively, and the ductwork appears to be damaged, then it is worth having it checked to see if it is leaking. Those leaks are able to be repaired to prevent the loss of cold air. It is also worth considering replacing your ducts with quality insulated conduit piping that will ensure that the air stays cool as it flows along them. This could improve the efficiency of cooling in your home and assist your system in functioning much more effectively again.

The crunch point for most of us will be when we have to get repairs done on our system. This might seem even more critical if the system has failed on a hot summer day. You might have to make a decision on whether you really want to pay for that new part and the labour costs associated with the work. Will you be simply paying good money only for something else to go wrong sometime soon in the future?

If your system has started to give you some signs that it is not running as well as it should be then it might be time to consider more seriously what is the right decision. Investing money in expensive new parts and paying for repairs for a system that is declining does not make sense.

Types of air conditioners we recommend


If you are considering a new air conditioning unit then you will need to decide which type is going to best suit your needs.

Central air conditioners

Central air conditioner systems send cool air through ducts and the air flows into the rooms through vents. These are generally designed to cool the whole house. A large compressor is located in a unit placed outside of the house. This unit releases the hot air from inside into the atmosphere and cools refrigerant. The cold refrigerant is then sent to a coil where air passes over it and cools. That air is then distributed through the ducts into the house using a system of fans and baffles to ensure regulated and consistent flow. These are the most expensive new systems to install, but if you already have a duct system in place it could just involve upgrading your compressor unit.

Split systems

Split systems are very common now with a separate compressor for each unit located outside and a box on the wall inside that contains the cooling coil of refrigerant, the filter for cleaning the air and a fan system for distributing the cool air in the room. The modern versions of these are very efficient and quiet to operate if you have the correct size for your room. They allow you to select sites for their placement so that you do not have to have air conditioning in every room.

Evaporative cooling systems use water for the cooling process and they are much cheaper to buy. Many of them will add some moisture to your air, which can be better than having the dry air that occurs with the other systems. The air is drawn through pads that are soaked with water and as the water evaporates it cools down the air. It is a very simple process and will use much less electricity as the system only needs a fan and there is no compressor required.

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