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Are you looking for whole of home comfort? Do you need a commercial air conditioning unit that delivers industry leading performance to single or multiple rooms? As proud sales, installation and service agents for ActronAir we bring to market their exceptional selection of advanced air conditioning systems.

Specifically developed to negotiate the harsh Australian climate, this Australian owned and operated company provides highly efficient air conditioning units with superior operating range and a plethora of innovative features. As market leaders in home air conditioning and commercial air conditioning the Actron range includes:


    Residential Air Conditioning

    Wall Hung Split Systems

    Featuring multi directional air flow with stylish flexibility and state of the art simplicity in both design and function. Offers ActronAir DC Inverter Technology.

    Multi Split Systems

    Optimal flexibility the MultiElite allows for different temperatures in each room of your home. Provides five individual air conditioning heads and one outdoor unit.

    Ducted Systems

    Ideal for whole of home comfort or to cool specific zones of your home. Energy efficient, reliable and suitable to a range of environments.

    Residential Air Conditioning
    Commercial Air Conditioning

    Commercial Air Conditioning

    Single and Multi-Split System

    The ActronAir single wall split system is ideal for single room use, however, to regulate the temperature in up to five office or retail spaces, choose the MultiElite.

    Split Ducted

    If you need to condition your entire premises, we can install and maintain an Actron ducted air conditioning solution. Energy efficient, reliable and smart.


    When floor space is at a premium, packaged air conditioning delivers a robust performance with installation flexibility. Available in different KWs.

    ActronAir Repairs and Service Melbourne

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