Should You Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

There might be a time when you need to consider if you should either repair or replace your air conditioning unit. Usually, the cost of a repair will be substantially less than the cost of purchasing and installing a new unit. That seems like a pretty good basis for making the decision.

If you require an air conditioning repairs service around Sunshine, there is a provider with an excellent reputation that has been providing affordable services to residents, Everlasting Air. Not many of us have the luxury of being able to spend money whenever we want and so spending less is going to be the best option. But perhaps a decision for choosing to do repairs might not be that straightforward.

If you can be confident that investing in the repair will ensure that your system will return it to peak efficiency without the need for any future repairs, then it is money well spent. But if a few months later the compressor stops and then after that the pump motor stops, then you will be finding the maintenance costs increase.

So, it is worth having a look at a range of factors to help you clarify what is the correct decision. We have gathered together some tips to make it easier for you.

How Old is Your Air Conditioner?

The design of air conditioning systems has been through some major advances as we become more aware of environmental concerns and the need for energy efficiency. There are new air conditioners that are around double the efficiency of their older counterparts. In addition, the efficiency of your unit may be decreasing as it ages and the refrigeration system may no longer operate as effectively. With an older unit, you might notice that on hot days it has trouble coping and could be running constantly. This will also add to the power costs as it will be using more electricity to try to achieve the cooler temperature you are accustomed too.

If your unit is more than 10 years old, then it is probably a good time to consider making a change. If it is needing repair work, then it may be an excellent time to seriously assess buying a new unit. The new equipment will run more cheaply, be reliable, and come with a warranty. However, if your system is less than 10 years old and the repairs to be undertaken are not overly expensive then it is usually better to repair the system.

Your Current System Under Warranty?

If your air conditioner is still covered by a warranty then it should not be a problem to have repairs done under the warranty. This may mean that you will not have to pay for the repairs or you might only be paying for labour costs. For warranty air conditioning repairs, Cranbourne residents and those who live in the south-eastern region are able to use the services of Everlasting Air. But once your warranty expires it might be time to reconsider your arrangements. If you are close to the end of the warranty period have a look at the types of systems available and what would be suitable. This will help you in making future decisions about repairs.

Do You Need To Replace Parts Each Service?

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If you have a regular servicing arrangement and you are finding that more regularly your air conditioner unit is starting to need parts replaced every time a service is done, this is usually a sign that your equipment is deteriorating. Some of these units were not advanced technology when they were built and their build quality was not particularly high so their life will be limited. If you can see a pattern starting to emerge and you are paying more for repairs, then speak to your technician about the potential for future problems to emerge. For advice on air conditioning repairs, Sunshine residents and those who live in the western suburbs have been able to rely on the technicians from Everlasting Air to provide quality, balanced and relevant information. There is the possibility that something major will fail and then you will not have an air conditioner and you will have to make the decision more quickly on whether to replace it.

What is the Overall Condition of Your System?

It is important to consider the condition of your unit as this may impact on how likely it is that you will need future repairs. If you know that regular maintenance and servicing has been done since it was purchased and that it is located in an environment where it will not be badly affected by weather, then it is less likely to have problems.

If a problem arises where repair work will be required, and the system is still functioning at optimum levels then it may be worthwhile having the repair work done and keeping the unit for longer. But if you notice that there are signs of damage and that there are some minor problems that are occurring regularly as a result of the age of the equipment then it could be time to consider changing your system.

If you have assessed the above elements and found that your system is no longer functioning at a level that will suit your needs, then it might be a good time to replace your system. If you do decide to purchase a new system, then there are some points that you should consider.


You need to choose an air conditioner that is the correct size for the space that you are cooling. You need to consider the design of the house it is to operate in and how energy efficient the property is. It will be a problem if it is not the correct size or powerful enough to cool your property properly. If it is too large, there will also be operating issues and you would have paid too much for a system that you are not going to be used efficiently.

Energy Efficiency

The star rating system shows how energy efficient the air conditioning system is. The more stars the more efficient. This means that if it is more efficient then it should be using less power than a system that is not as efficient. You may need to pay more money for a system that is more efficient than other systems and so you will have to balance out the benefits you will gain from improved energy efficiency savings that will reduce your expenses for electricity over time against the additional upfront costs you will be paying.


You may want a system that has a quieter compressor and fan. The noise of the compressor can be annoying particularly at night time when you want to sleep. This will usually mean that you are looking to have more advanced technology which will usually cost you extra.

Special Features

Different systems will offer you different features. You need to try to clarify before you start looking what you feel is vitally important for your enjoyment of, and satisfaction with, your air conditioning system. These might be simple things like a special sleep feature for the system when it operates at night. You might like to have a more effective filtration system for making sure the air stays very clean. You might prefer to have a system that will link electronically with your house management system so that you are able to program when it switches on or off, or make adjustments to the settings remotely so that your house will be cold when you get home from work.


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Depending on when you buy your air conditioner, and the model that you decide to purchase, there may be better times during the year to make your purchase. Some companies will have sales of their products and there may be models that are being superseded that will be sold at discounted prices. It is important to remember that buying a model that does not match your output requirements because it is cheap may bring other long-term costs.

Installation and Servicing

Some companies offer deals where the installation and servicing are offered at discounted rates. It is important to read the details of these offers to make sure you fully understand what they mean, that they will meet your requirements and that there are no hidden costs.

As a result of introducing the new technology into your home, there will be some additional benefits that you should enjoy.

Reduced Operating Costs

Technology in the air conditioning industry has been developing rapidly as our understanding of science and engineering grows and computerised design systems develop. A new air conditioning unit will often far exceed the operating efficiency of a unit that was produced even just a few years ago. Energy efficiency has been a major factor as well, with the value of lowering electricity usage being an important factor for reducing environmental impact and lowering the operating cost for the consumer.

Improved Health

The new air conditioners have also been designed to improve air quality. They have advanced filtration that can remove a wide range of allergens from internal air. People with asthma will notice a big improvement.

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