Melbourne Suburbs That Get The Hottest In Summer

Melbourne is known as a city that endures four seasons in one day, meaning that residents will experience its weather at both extremes. This means that when summer comes along, the whole town will get very hot. Unfortunately, some parts of Melbourne get particularly hot and the locals have to deal with it.

As cited by the Herald Sun, Monash University’s Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities discovered through their research that Melbourne’s western, inner northern, and south-eastern suburbs were the parts of town that suffered through hot days the most. The suburbs are particularly affected on hot days are Sunshine, Preston, Dandenong, Glenroy, and Clayton. Their findings were based on key aspects of these suburbs, such as their lack of tree cover, the types of houses located there, the age and health of residents. On the flip side, the study stated that the suburbs of Toorak, Kew, Glen Iris, Box Hill, Hampton, and Beaumaris were the least affected by the summer heat.

An air conditioning installation will keep you cool

Despite nature doing its worst to make Melburnians hot, that does not mean that we do not have a solution to combat the heat. Everlasting Air are one of Melbourne’s leading heating and cooling companies with many years of experience in the air conditioning industry. We are available to travel to anywhere in Melbourne to perform our air conditioning installation work.

As we are based in Tullamarine, people living in Sunshine are very lucky to have us close by. The aforementioned research conducted by Monash University stated that our neighbouring suburb is one of Melbourne’s suburbs to be affected by heat the most. This is something that the residents of Sunshine will attest to as well. We are easily available to perform our air conditioning installation and evaporative cooling installation service in Sunshine and the surrounding suburbs.

Keep your home cool

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