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Tips to Improve Air Conditioner’s Efficiency in Off Season

Although people living in Melbourne need to use their air conditioning systems throughout summer, air conditioners do not get used as much, if at all, during the rest of the year. This is because there is often simply no need to use it. However, you should not totally ignore your air conditioner when it’s not hot, because that is a great time of year to contact Everlasting Air for air conditioning repairs.

Use this cooler time of year when your air conditioner is not being used to consider upgrading to a new unit, especially if your current unit is old. It is much easier to schedule a technician to come to your house for air conditioning service work outside of the hot months. We get very busy during hot months with numerous air conditioning enquiries, so we would be able to help you that much sooner if you contact us early.

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Everyone depends on their air conditioner on hot days, so there is nothing worse than having your unit break down on a 40° day. That situation is basically hell on Earth, and we want to prevent that from happening to you. If any issues are causing your unit to not work properly, and it is making unusual noises, your unit will have to work harder to cool your home. To make matters worse, the extra power your air conditioner is using will cost you more money to run!

In short, the longer you wait to contact a technician for air conditioning repairs, the worse your unit’s problem will become. And when it is summer, it will take longer for a technician to come to your house, as they will have many other houses to travel to.

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It is highly recommended that you organise a technician from Everlasting Air come to your house for a thorough air conditioning service, preferably twice a year. Our technicians are available to perform a thorough inspection by testing refrigerant levels, voltage, and other important measurements, and other adjustments to improve the overall efficiency of your unit. An air conditioner that is maintained regularly can retain approximately 95% of its original efficiency for most of its lifespan.

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Everlasting Air are available to travel to anywhere in Melbourne, from Tullamarine in the west all the way to Doncaster in the east, to perform our excellent air conditioning service. Contact us today on (03) 9335 2900 to speak with our technicians in Tullamarine.

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