Gas Ducted Heating In Melbourne Has Never Been Easier

With energy prices soaring there’s no wonder Melbournians are calling for a better solution to their heating needs. Everlasting Air understands that different homes require different systems. Which is why we stock products that implement alternative gas ducted heating methods to better suit residential installations and the environment at large.

Ducted Gas V Reverse Cycle Heating – Why the change?

It has been our experience that resident’s wallets are no longer keeping up with the rising costs of energy. This situation has forced consumers to search for a more cost-effective alternative to heat their homes. Which is important to remember if you are planning on installing heating systems in residential areas.

Therefore, gas ducted heating in Melbourne has become the superior method for heating residential homes. Reverse cycle air conditioning demands more energy and is 3-4 times more expensive per kwh than gas, depending on your provider. So, with Melbourne’s winter months only getting colder the running costs are going to follow suit.

Who we trust

Everlasting Air partners with a multitude of leaders in the heating and air conditioning industry. Who we trust is important to us and we have found that a handful of our suppliers really meet the needs of consumers looking for a competitive edge over energy costs.

We have handpicked two of our leading brands qualified to combat rising costs in the residential sector. By implementing these units within your residential projects, you will find an increase in interest and demand which will in turn compliment your business.

Recommended gas ducted heating brands include:

Braemar – The Braemar gas ducted heating range has been recognised for its energy efficiency with awards from the iconic United Nations Association of Australia and more.

Lennox Gas Furnaces – Lennox focus on home comfort which includes the innovative development of energy efficient residential furnaces offering high efficiency ducted gas.

If you’re from Melbourne let us know what your experience has been using one of these products by commenting below.

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