How To Choose The Perfect Domestic Air Conditioner

When determining the most appropriate climate control solution for your home, there are many factors to take into consideration. For example, have you checked that the electrical system throughout your home meets the air conditioning units power requirements? Did you know that oversized domestic air conditioners are less effective and wastes energy? Or that a unit installed near lamps or televisions will cause the thermostat to sense the heat from the appliances, causing your air conditioning to run longer? That’s where our team of heating and cooling professionals step in.

From ducted and split systems, to inverted and evaporative cooling systems, ensuring a fully customised approach that takes all variables into consideration is a must. Choosing a domestic air conditioning system is an investment in your home, your air quality and comfort.

Did you know that if your unit is installed outside the home and is in the path of direct sunlight, it may potentially decrease efficiency by as much as 10%? The team at Everlasting Air do!

To simplify the decision-making process when choosing your ultimate climate control system, one must look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with the cooling systems available to market.

Air Conditioners – The Effective Cooling Solution

So what factors do you need to take into consideration when making your climate control investment?

Energy Efficiency: As electricity prices continue to increase, energy hungry air conditioners make the need for energy efficient air conditioners vital to your bottom line. Our range of advanced, industry leading brands and products features manufacturers who understand that technologies such as inverter technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Developing in-house technologies that revolutionise energy consumption is a sign of a forward-thinking manufacturer, with features that allow the consumer to adjust power output and individual room monitoring.

Health and Wellbeing: Improving the air quality in the home may assist in reducing common health issues associated with the more antiquated systems that cause dry mouths, throats, and eyes, even exacerbating asthma and allergies. Contemporary systems include built-in ionisers, UV air filtration systems, and antiviral and antioxidant filters. These advancements help to regulate and improve the air quality in your home, which filters through to your overall health and wellbeing.

From operating temperature ranges, room design elements, and reliability through to installation limitations, our team of heating and cooling professionals can consult on your needs, offering installation, service, maintenance and both brand and Everlasting Air workmanship warranties.

Quality Domestic Air Conditioners in Melbourne

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