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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning – Be Aware

Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO) is an odourless, highly poisonous gas often dubbed the ‘’Silent Killer’’ due to how difficult it is to detect. Carbon Monoxide is formed when a fuel source is burnt and there is not enough oxygen in the atmosphere to formulate safely, which creates a deadly mixture that causes blood to stop carrying oxygen, in other words, it’s deadly.

Surprisingly, this is not an industrial issue as much as a domestic one. Common household appliances and heating sources can easily become a danger when not properly managed.

Air conditioners and heating units are one of the leading causes of Carbon Monoxide poisoning as they are usually in constant use between the seasons. Without proper maintenance, they can become faulty, succumb to environmental factors and in turn become a hazard.

The team at Everlasting Air are well versed in the prevention of Carbon Monoxide and can take you through the steps to prevent a dangerous situation before it happens.

Are you paying attention?

It is important to identify and understand the types of heating and air conditioning units that pose the biggest threat. Make sure to assess their function and the proper method of care to ensure proper working order and longevity.

Pay attention to the following ‘high-risk’ models:

Space heaters – Space heaters are either vented, unvented or vent-free. Unvented units that work on combustion (gas) should not be used indoors. They will almost certainly release carbon monoxide in your home.

If you are going to use an unvented space heater make sure it is electric, they may use more energy and can still be a fire hazard but won’t emit dangerous fumes.

Gas heaters – Gas heaters can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide when they are blocked, the ventilation is dusty, dirty or the combustion process does not properly occur.

Air conditioners – While an air conditioner cannot produce carbon monoxide on its own, it can in fact become susceptible to the outside environment. Be aware of what is filtering through your air-conditioner. Make sure there isn’t any machinery that could be emitting hazardous fumes through your unit.

Are you prepared?

Knowing the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is important and getting help can be the difference between life and death.

COP symptoms include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sleepiness
  • Confusion
  • Headache

There are a couple of key ways we suggest of preventing and maintaining a carbon monoxide neutral environment.

Firstly, install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, this will measure the air and pick up any chemical changes in the atmosphere, flashing upon detection of any CO in the environment.

Secondly, we suggest having an annual inspection of your home to ensure everything is functioning properly.

Everlasting Air provide the following services upon every inspection:

  • A heating system functionality check
  • Thorough inspection of all ductwork
  • Test airflows
  • Preventative component replacement if necessary
  • Gas line and burner checks
  • Comprehensive zoning checks
  • Return air grille check
  • Carbon monoxide testing (free with every service)

Be Carbon Monoxide Aware

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious threat If you suspect your system might be putting your family in danger, call Everlasting Air on (03) 9335 2900.

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