The Benefits of Zone Heating Systems

Achieving the right temperature in the home can be somewhat of a challenge. Often our homes are subject to variable temperatures; in winter, the home can get too warm and in summer never quite cold enough. However, this winter, say goodbye to blankets on the couch as you ensure a balance of comfort for the whole family with a zoned heating system from Everlasting Air.

Innovatively dividing the home into specific zones, your zoned heating system will allow you to adjust the temperature according to the heating needs of each zone. Aside from temperature control what other benefits do a zoned heating system offer?

Comfort and Control

From bedrooms to the loungeroom and kitchen, climate control is at your fingertips. Perhaps the younger children need more heat than the kitchen or bathroom? Warm the loungeroom while the basement remains artic cool, with a zoned heating system that will allow you to meet the requirements of all areas and family members.

Cost Effective

Why heat an area of the home that no one is using? The flexibility of a heating system that is optimally zoned to suit your lifestyle within the home, and used as required may help to save almost 30% on your heating costs. Energy costs within the home continue to rise year after year, so be clever and prudent with our zoned heating systems.

Energy Efficient

Ensure your system of choice offers a higher efficiency so that you don’t incur costs for energy you don’t need or use. Choose at least a system with a 4-star efficiency rating and ensure all duct work is well insulated. An energy aware zoned heating system will maintain the longevity and performance of your climate control solution requiring less maintenance and warranty repairs.

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