4 Great Alternatives To Using Your Air Conditioning Installation So Much

Summers in Melbourne can be really hot, causing discomfort and draining both your body’s and electricity’s energy. Of the latter, using an air conditioner so frequently means your electricity bill will be very high. But quite literately in the heat of the moment, you will be far more concerned with fighting the heat than how much you have to pay for comfort. While you should most certainly consider getting an air conditioning installation for your home, you do not have to use it all the time. Everlasting Air can suggest four methods for you to use to keep cool without using so much energy or paying a lot of money to do so.

1. Avoid Doing Outdoor Work

While all that summer sun will certainly cause your grass to keep growing, you should not go outside on a particularly hot day to mow it. Both the heat and the physical work will tire you out quickly, potentially causing heat exhaustion. Not every single day of summer will be hot, so you should wait for a cooler day to do work in your garden. However, if you must work outside on a hot day, take breaks and drink plenty of water.

2. Go To A Cool Place

If you are waiting for your air conditioning installation to happen, or you simply want to use it less often, then you should go out to public places where you are sure to cool off. Libraries and shopping centres are great places to keep cool while giving you something to do, and public swimming pools and the beach will let you enjoy the summer by dipping into cold water.

3. Do Not Use Your Air Conditioner When You Don’t Have To

While it goes without saying to not leave your air conditioner on when you are not home, there are other methods to keep cool you can do for when you are home. Nights are generally cooler than the daytime, so open your windows and let in the cool breeze from outside. If you are home during the day, close your shutters or blinds to block the sun’s heat from entering your home.

4. Do Not Put Your Air Conditioning Installation On The Lowest Temperature

It is logical to think that your air conditioner should be turned down to its lowest temperature to be as cool as possible, but do you really need to be that cool? Doing so does not actually cool you off any faster than other temperature settings. This just wastes energy keeping you cooler than you need to be. Perhaps setting your air conditioning installation to the low 20s is best practice. In fact, by not having your air conditioner run on the lowest temperature, you are more likely to avoid getting an air conditioning related cold as well.

Want to keep cool?

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