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Air Conditioning in Werribee

Everlasting Air is a premium air conditioning company that is committed to delivering a first-rate air conditioning service. We can send our reliable expert technicians to your house or office in Werribee to install any type of air conditioning unit.

Our heating and cooling solutions are affordable, meaning neither our residential or commercial customers would find the prices exorbitant. Our air conditioning service is perfect for the building and trades sectors as well, as we know how important air conditioner installation is for any building project.

Installation in Werribee

If your house or office in Werribee requires a brand new air conditioner, do not hesitate to call Everlasting Air for our first-rate air conditioning installation service. Whether it is providing heating for your home during winter or cooling during summer, we have ideal solutions for your world. We will make sure you are comfortable throughout the year with high-performance heating and cooling systems from reputable brands.

Air conditioner brands we recommend:

Vast Range Of Solutions

Everlasting Air offers an excellent range of heating and cooling solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our common residential and commercial air conditioning services and options are the following:

Air conditioner brands we recommend:

Evaporative Cooling Werribee

It is a highly economical choice to make cool, comfortable interior spaces during summer. Compared to refrigerant-based cooling systems, these coolers do not use CFCs or HCFCs. Therefore, it is an option for you to contribute to a greener planet. These evaporative coolers have cooling pads and blower fans.

The blower fan of the cooler pulls the hot air from the outdoor and passes it through cooling pads. The water passing through the cooling pads absorbs some heat from the hot air and becomes water vapour. This loss of heat of the hot air makes it cool, and this cool air is pumped into the property for creating cool environments. Compared to ducted cooling systems, evaporating cooling is highly energy-efficient and gives healthy interior air, with no recirculation of air.

Our technicians can provide quick and efficient evaporative cooling service and evaporative cooling repairs if you face any shutdown.

Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is an absolute choice for anyone who wants a complete heating system for their residential or commercial property with total climate control. Our gas ducted heating systems are high energy-star rated to give you efficient operations. As a wholesaler of heating and cooling systems, we source advanced heating systems from the industry's leading manufacturers to provide durable, high-performance solutions to our customers.

The centralised heating system comes with ducts and grills for the efficient circulation of hot air. The zoning option allows you to set the temperature of each room according to the personal comfort level. Whether you want a new heating system or upgrade the existing one, these innovative, high-quality solutions can be ideal for your environment.

Refrigeration Air Conditioning

As one of the leading heating and cooling companies in Werribee, we offer the finest range of centralised refrigeration air conditioning solutions for commercial and residential spaces. The ducted cooling systems give you an accurate performance based on your expectation and help you create personalised zones with comfortable temperatures.

The temperature zoning feature allows you to exclude empty rooms from heating and cooling. This helps you with reduced utility costs and ensures energy-efficiency operations. We undertake the complete air conditioning installation from planning to commissioning of the system. You can also connect with our experts for air conditioning repairs and service for quick, high-quality service.

Split Systems

If you want cooling systems for specific rooms of your property, split systems can ensure comfortable interior environments. We supply split systems of the leading brands and offer air conditioning installation with complete service. The energy-star split air conditioning systems are a great choice for everyone who wants energy-efficient solutions.

We also offer multi-head splits that can help you with climate control for a number of rooms. While these are split systems, you can set individual temperatures for each room to create comfortable environments based on personalised preferences.

Ducted Split System Air Conditioning

It is an absolute system designed to meet the best of split system and ducted air conditioning solutions. They feature an exterior condenser unit, and the vents are fixed on the wall or ceiling of the room to work like a ducted system. The major advantage of the ducted split system is that it gives completely noiseless air conditioning operations like centralised systems.

Additionally, the vents can give décor to your interior space. If you want accurate cooling results with greater performance, the ducted split system is worth considering.

Wall Furnace

We have an excellent range of gas wall furnaces from the leading brands to give you warmth. Our stand-alone furnaces come without any ductwork and can directly be installed in rooms for heating them individually. All our wall furnaces are modern solutions that ensure the complete removal of combustion gas to give you warm, healthy interior air.

Our wall furnaces are energy-star heating solutions with more than 90 per cent AFUE (annual fuel utilisation efficiency). With a sleek design, our wall furnaces are easy for regular maintenance.

Panel Heating

These are compact heating systems for small and medium-sized rooms. We have an excellent range of hybrid panel heaters that combine convection and radiant heating to create warmer environments in an energy-efficient way. With us, you have the option to choose both portable and built-in panel heaters based on your specific needs.

Compared to ducted heating systems, panel heating has simplified ai con installation. The slimline design of our range of panel heaters makes them fit most property spaces and flexible to your needs.

Does Your Air Conditioning Unit Need a Service?

The Everlasting Air team provides a fast and professional air conditioning service for any repairs and maintenance required. Our services are available to both residential and commercial clients in and around Werribee, for whose air conditioner may start to malfunction and therefore not perform as well as it should be. Any issues that are preventing your unit from working properly need to be fixed before they become worse. Our technicians are available to remove dirt, dust, and allergens that can build up inside your unit as well.

Air conditioning systems we work with:

You can also contact us as we are a air conditioning parts supplier. We stock the components and parts of all the major heating and cooling brands.

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