Heating And Cooling Systems Supplier In Sydenham

Everlasting Air is a renowned supplier of heating and cooling systems from brands like Braemar, Bonaire, Daikin, Toshiba, LG, and many more. We stock high-quality products to ensure we offer the best to our customers.

With different types of air cooling and heating systems, we cater to the needs of all homes and offices. So whether your property in Sydenham requires an evaporative cooling system or a ducted heating system, you can count on us for all your requirements.

Commercial and Residential Cooling Solutions

Whether you own a residential property or commercial, we can provide the right cooling solution for all types of areas. Discuss your requirements with our licensed technicians, and we will suggest the most appropriate climate control system for your property.

We deal in all types of heating and cooling systems, including ducted heating and evaporative cooling units. When we undertake the responsibility of providing your property with a reliable climate control system, we first inspect it well, especially in commercial spaces. We then offer the best product as per your requirements and the size of the area. All our products are of high quality as they are sourced from leading brands in the market.

Some of our most in-demand climate control systems are:

Ducted Heating

Many homes in Sydenham prefer ducted heating systems to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors during the winters. The experts at Everlasting Air are knowledgeable enough to determine ducts rightly and system infrastructure placement to ensure you reap maximum benefit from your climate control system. When you discuss your needs with us, we promise to suggest the most appropriate ducted heating system for your property.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling systems are known to cool your home affordably, and this is why they are the preferred choice of many. We have installed thousands of evaporative cooling systems in various properties in Sydenham. Everlasting Air can install new evaporative cooling systems in your property and also undertake the up-gradation of the existing ones.

Split System

Split systems are commonly used in homes and offices that prefer a touch of luxury. Split systems allow fine-tuning of temperature in specific spaces or rooms. Everlasting Air has sold and installed several split systems in various properties of the city. You can count on us to inspect your property to make suggestions on the best cooling system for your space.

After sales services offered

We provide many after-sale services to our customers that makes us a premium air conditioning installation and service agent too.

Count on us for the following services:


Once you have purchased a heating or cooling unit from us, you can ask us to install it at your property. We have a team of licensed experts that undertake the installation work at affordable prices. We ensure the accurate installation of all systems, so they function perfectly for years.

Maintenance Work

We offer maintenance contract work to keep a check on how your systems are functioning. Our team of experts have hands-on experience in maintaining climate control systems of all leading brands.

Once we have installed the heating or cooling units at your property, we are ready to undertake maintenance contract work for the same. With our maintenance services, we ensure your system keeps running efficiently for years.

Repair Services

We also provide electrical and mechanical repair services for your cooling and heating systems. Our qualified technicians can repair and service all types of systems, so you know whom to contact in case of emergencies. Our repair services are priced reasonably, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much to get your climate control systems repaired by us.

We also understand that there will be times when a particular part of your cooling or heating system will require a replacement. For this, we maintain a regular supply of spare parts and brand-specific components, making it easy for you to enjoy the uninterrupted operation of the system.

We Offer Service Warranty

If you are looking for a heating and cooling specialist to provide brand backed service warranty and in-house workmanship warranty, you must contact us.

Everlasting Air offers a workmanship warranty that covers all installation related services. However, if there’s an issue with your heater, condenser, ductwork, or ventilation, such things aren’t covered by this warranty. Our workmanship warranty is valid for installation related services for six years and applies to all types of Commercial heating and cooling systems that we have installed.

The brand product warranty covers the entire air conditioning or gas ducted heating system. The duration of the warranty depends upon the manufacturer’s specifications. We offer product warranty for brands like Bonaire, Breezair, Toshiba Air Conditioning, Haier, Mitsubishi, Braemar and more.

Reliable Services At Affordable Prices

We believe in offering top-notch customer service to all our clients. At no point, we compromise on the level of our services, so you can expect your climate control systems to function efficiently at all times. Whether you avail of our maintenance service or repair service, you can expect our work to match Australian premium quality standards. We aim to offer services that exceed the expectations of our clients.

We know how expensive the installation of your heating and cooling systems can be. This is why we aim at sourcing genuine branded products at competitive prices. Also, our maintenance and repair services are available at affordable prices so that you can reach out to us in case of emergencies without any hesitation.

Call us today

So whether you want to buy a branded cooling or heating system or get help with air conditioning installation, you can get in touch with the experts at Everlasting Air. We promise to provide the best of service at the best price so that you can build a strong bond with our team of experts. contact or Call us on (03) 9335 2900(03) 9335 2900 to get an upfront quote.


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