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Air Conditioning in Sunshine

Are you looking for a superb air conditioning service that can work in Sunshine? Everlasting Air is one of Melbourne’s leading air conditioning companies that is available for air conditioner installation and repair work. Our reliable team of air conditioning technicians can travel to your house or office in Sunshine to install any type of air conditioning unit that you require.

Everlasting Air provides affordable air conditioning service in Sunshine for residential and commercial customers and the building and trades sectors. Our air conditioning service in Newport will cover all stages of the air conditioning or gas ducted heating installation process to maintain the clean air inside your home or workplace throughout the year.

Quality Installation services in Sunshine

Need a new air conditioner? Everlasting Air has a wide variety of brands and units for the home or office. Whether you need a unit for heating, cooling, or both, we can help you choose the most efficient and affordable solution.

Solution For All Your Climate Control Needs

Everlasting Air is a premier heating and cooling solution provider in Melbourne with a few decades of service. We know the diverse needs of our residential and commercial customers and make every effort to give them the most tailored solutions.

You can choose the right solution from the following:

Evaporative Cooling Sunshine

This is an absolute choice for you if you want to create cool indoors for the summer months of Melbourne. Evaporative coolers are highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, with no refrigerant gas used for climate control. These coolers do not recirculate the air, and therefore, they create a healthier interior without any allergens or dust.

Do you want regular maintenance or repair service for your evaporative cooler? You can connect with us for evaporative cooling repairs and evaporative cooling service for prompt, expert service.

Refrigeration Air Conditioning

This can be your choice if you want a comprehensive system for your property’s cooling needs. The centralised, ducted air conditioning gives you better control of the interior climate based on your expectations. The zoning option allows you to set individual temperatures for various rooms based on the inhabitants’ comfort level.

Our technicians are highly experienced in air conditioning installation, maintenance, and repair, regardless of commercial or residential properties. They can take care of the complete process, from design to commissioning, of the Commercial heating and cooling system to give you a seamless service experience.

Ducted Heating

If you want to ensure optimal warm temperature for your property interior based on personalised comfort level, ducted heating greatly fits your needs. Whether you want to replace your existing heating system or want to install it for your new property, we have solutions for you.

We choose heating units of the leading brands that give a seamless performance in your space. All our products are energy-star solutions that can give you energy-efficient heating based on your expectations.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

You can choose our single and multi-head split air conditioning systems to cool individual rooms or a portion of your property. We source the high-performance split units of leading brands and offer them to our customers with complete air con installation services.

Compared to centralised systems, split units do not need any ductwork and have a hassle-free installation. Our compact size split ac range can fit in most room environments. Our systems are based on inverter technology, allowing you to ensure accurate cooling while achieving greater energy efficiency.

Ducted Splits

These are an excellent choice if you want a ducted split air conditioning system. The indoor unit is usually installed on the ceiling or behind the wall – not inside the room – and the cool air from the air conditioner is circulated through the duct and vents of the cooling system.

Compared to split units, these systems give you a more efficient way of cooling. Additionally, ducted splits give you noiseless cooling and improve the décor of your interior space.

Wall Furnaces

At Everlasting Air, you can choose gas wall furnaces from all the leading brands. We choose energy-star heating solutions that give excellent heating results for rooms. These engineered, energy-efficient solutions expel all combustion gases to create a healthy, fresh, and warm interior.

These wall furnaces are easy to install and maintain, and they provide noise-free operations. With high-quality manufacturing and additional safety features, the wall furnaces give you a seamless property heating experience.

Panel Heating

Panel heaters are electric heaters to give accurate heating results for small and medium-sized rooms. Our panel heaters have a slim design, making them fit most property environments. These hybrid heaters combine both convection and radiant heating for improved energy efficiency and performance.

Talk to our heating and cooling experts today to see how our panel heating solutions can decorate your living room, conference room, or recreational room and create comfortable environments.

Air conditioner brands we recommend:

Air conditioning servicing

If your unit is malfunctioning or not working as it should be, then call Everlasting Air without delay. We provide professional air conditioning servicing that caters for all makes and models. Get quality repairs and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients in Sunshine, from our trained technicians. It is imperative to have such issues fixed before they get worse and make your unit even less effective. Our technicians will get rid of any dirt, dust, and allergens that may be building up inside your unit as well.

Air conditioning systems we work with:

Are you searching for reliable air conditioning parts suppliers to ensure seamless operations of your system? We stock the parts and components of all the major brands; contact us today.

Why Choose Everlasting Air?

Everlasting Air is a trusted name for residential and commercial air conditioning service, including supply of heating and cooling systems, installation, repair, and regular maintenance, with nearly four decades of service. We have a team of heating and cooling technicians with expertise in various climate control systems and advanced knowledge in creating safe air conditioning solutions for properties.

As a leading heating and cooling company and wholesaler of leading brands, we make our solutions competitively priced. We are also the authorised warranty agents of leading brands, including Haier, Lennox, and Toshiba. We choose energy-star and high-performance units that can give excellent value for our customers’ investment.

Whether you want heating solutions, cooling systems, or comprehensive climate control solutions or air conditioning repairs, our technicians are happy to help you and guide you to choose an ideal solution for your world. We are one of the leading heating and cooling companies in Sunshine.

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